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Sunday, February 1 • 9:45am - 5:00pm
Peace it Together - Mini Film Festival

This mini film festival will screen ten short youth-made films ranging from two-to-ten minutes, plus two behind-the scenes films to give viewers a complete taste of what happened and what is possible when adversaries work and create together. 

 Come and find out why stories are more powerful than just talk.

These films will run as a continuous, repeating festival throughout the day. There is no speaker and no set start/stop time.  Come during one of your session hours - or even drop in during lunch or a break.  Stay for 15 minutes or stay for 50.  You will see things through new eyes however you do it.

 Films to be screened are:

Peacing it Together (2006) – Behind the scenes, key moments of the first dialogue and filmmaking program

These are my peelings (2006) – Represented by onions, Palestinians and Israelis discover what happens when they uncover their layers of pain.

On the Line (2006) -A docu-drama about a real friendship between two Israeli and Palestinian teenagers who met at a peace camp in Canada. Two years later, they meet at opposite sides of a checkpoint.

Freedom (2008) - Hand-drawn paintings and meticulously rendered rotoscope images blend to create a poetic meditation on individual freedom and hope. This film was the winner of the Ron Kovic Peacemaker Award.

My Enemy (2008) - Mohammad and Tom, two teenagers from Palestine and Israel, discuss the difficult issues that come between them. The more they talk, the more their friendship grows.

Listen to this (2008) - Two musicians living on either side of a wall compete to see whose music can be the loudest. When the noise breaks the wall between they come to a mutual realizatiion.

Checkpoint of Humanity (2008) - An Israeli and a Palestinian meet at a checkpoint. Flashbacks reveal the tragic circumstances in which they had met before. Something changes for both of them when they are able to see the humanity in each other.

In the Presence of Absence (2011) - Perceptions and ideas of the "other" are explored as two young women meet in the space that divides them.

Grave Digging (2011) – This film is a reflection on the circumstances surrounding the conflict, and the glimpses of humanity in which we find ourselves. It generated the most dialogue of all Peace it Together films, among viewers in Israel and the West Bank.

Through a Glass Darkly (2011) - Two women brought together by their own story - a reflection of grief and death that surrounds them. Words express their separate narratives while movement speaks of their unity in hope for peace and a different future.

Sustaining the Impact (2011) – Staff speak about the role of filmmaking in the Peace it Together program while participants discuss plans to screen their films back home.

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Peace it Together

At three summer intensives on Canada’s West Coast, Israelis, Palestinian and Canadian youth broke down some barriers, felt, cried, and learned together, while they made short films about the very issues that separates them.

Sunday February 1, 2015 9:45am - 5:00pm PST
Room 7 Eric Hamber Secondary School